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A disruptive approach that will change the paradigm of fashion.
With its exclusive use of 3D simulated content, Change of Paradigm explores new frontiers in 3D e-commerce taking fashion from the industrial to the digital revolution.
Change of Paradigm operates a B2C e-commerce destination with exclusive limited edition capsule collections from high-end independent womenswear designers.

Product pricing is calculated on the basis of 3 times cost (1/3 for production, 1/3 for designers and 1/3 for distribution) instead of the current wholesale model based on 6+ times production cost.

This results in 50% price reduction compared to designers' main line without compromise on the quality of design, fabrics or manufacturing

The objective is to reach out to young creative & price conscious “cool hunters” seeking alternatives to mainstream luxury fashion and its premium price.
Change of Paradigm’s Zero Prototyping model is enabled by using the best of fashion and film CGI technologies, instead of photography to provide stunning content and deliver a unique customer experience.
Change of Paradigm is a fashion tech company thats uses a new business model and advances in 3D simulation technology to deeply impact the luxury fashion market with:
  • Aseasonal capsule collections
  • Exclusive use of CGI content
  • Zero prototype and pre-order model
  • Reduced multiples on cost

Change of Paradigm’s model offers new ways of thinking about the value of design, by reducing product development cost, inventory risk and waste, and selling directly to the end customer.

This opens up a new market segment opportunity with the dynamic use of technologies but without impact on the quality of product, design and craftsmanship.

This new way of thinking will bring radical results and truly support independent designers internationally, as well as to those who value good design and making, to change how we dress and express ourselves going forward.

Zowie Broach, Head of Fashion, Royal College of Art

Beyond story or silhouette, fabrics and materials have always been my personal obsession and my starting point when it comes to design. To imagine how a look might fall in a particular fabric can really bring an idea to life.

So I'm impressed and excited by the accuracy and realism of Change of Paradigm’s 3D clothing simulation. It opens up so many new possibilities for product display and tools for creativity.

Gareth Pugh, Designer
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